New features and change of standard text editor

New features and change of standard text editor

by Weber Stefan -
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Dear Moodle users, 

in the course of the last Moodle upgrade during the holidays we tried to clean up the interface by disabling unused features and hiding some menu options. Should you miss anything you needed, please contact Moodle Support.

The new version also features a new course overview that splits up courses in progress, past and future. Past courses are not listed in the menu under My courses, but can still be accessed via the Dashboard.

This division is based on course start and end date, which is automatically set when creating a course, but can be adjusted by the teacher in course settings if necessary.

The standard text editor that is used for all text input fields in Moodle was changed from TinyMCE to Atto. Atto has a cleaner interface and uses less resources, which speeds up loading times. 

Should you want to continute using TinyMCE, you can always change the preferred editor in your profile settings

  1. Click on your user name in the upper right corner and select preferences
  2. Click on editor preferences
  3. Select your preferred editor

Teachers will be informed about additional helpful features for them via e-mail within the next couple of weeks.

All the best for the new semester from your Moodle support!