Moodle update: new features and more help for teachers

Moodle update: new features and more help for teachers

by Weber Stefan -
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Dear Moodle-Users,

our Moodle interface was updated for better design and usability, along with other improvements. To keep track of updates, problems or maintenance downtimes, we especially recommend to teachers to subscribe to this forum

Improved Moodle Interface

We tried to incorporate the feedback we received so far to give you the best possible user experience. Where it was possible, we tried to make often-used options easier accessible and improve overall useability. We also put much more information about options directly into the interface to help teachers navigate the often overwhelming amount of options in Moodle. 

Should you notice a bug, missing options, or have further input for improvements, please contact Moodle-Support.

New Features

Along with the improvements in interface, there is also a couple of new features:

  • The block Sharing Cart allows you to easily save course content and copy it to other courses
  • The text Filter Section-name auto-linking makes it easy to link to other sections in your course
  • The question types calculated and simple calculated were improved in the course of a FHTW student's project to support functions for factorials and normal distribution - thanks to our students Christoph Habitzel, Elisabeth Kladnis, Florian Beckel and Sebastian Eder, and their supervisor Lars Mehnen.

We are always open for suggestions concerning possible new features, and are happy for any contributions via student's projects!

New Moodle Handbook and Example Course (only available in German)

Along with a newly improved Moodle-Handbook there is now a Moodle Beispielkurs, where you can look at examples of all the possibilities for activities in Moodle, and find best-practice examples on how to implement common e-Learning features. You can easily access the Beispielkurs via the Quick Links, or via the Links in the new activity- and question chooser dialogues. 

New Moodle Support Team

The Moodle-Support recently moved from the IT ServiceDesk to the newly created Teaching & Learning Center (TLC), and is now reinforced by our two new colleagues Ronald Scheidl and Astrid Emperer, who along with myself will be glad to answer your questions and support you.

We hope everyone has a successful start into the new semester and are looking forward to working with you!