Moodle update WS2019 - new Dashboard & additional Features

Moodle update WS2019 - new Dashboard & additional Features

by Weber Stefan -
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Dear Moodle-users,

with the new semester on its way, we have some updates for our Moodle. First things first: due to the adjustment of internal phone numbers, the Moodle Hotline will be changed from 345 to 233. You can already use the new number, but both will be active until the end of the year.

As always, we used the holidays to add new features to our Moodle that hopefully make your life easier in WS2019:

New course overview

On your Dashboard you will find a new course overview that makes navigating your courses easier. Courses are now displayed sorted by categories, and if you have different roles in your courses you can also sort them by your role. More details and how to switch back to the old view can be found here.

Mass creation of multiple-choice questions

A new button in the question bank brings you to this plugin, which was requested by our teachers. With it, you can easily create a large number of multiple choice questions in your preferred spreadsheet app, an then import them directly into the Moodle question bank. This way, you can generate huge question pools without having to create each individual question separately in Moodle.

New course format: Tiles

This new course format is especially suited to presenting extensive content in a clear and sleek-looking way. The Moodle-Beispielkurs was already converted to this format and can show you how it looks in practice, and also offers additional information about it (in German).

New feature: Randomisator

In the list of participants under settings you can now find the Randomisator, which can be used to select a random subset of your course's participants to create random groups for assignment.

New activity: Voting

With this new activity module your participants can submit ideas and vote on the entries that others submitted. 

Please send all feedback, questions and suggestions to

We hope everyone has a successful start into the new semester!