UAS Technikum Wien course overview

How to find and sort your courses in the UAS Technikum Wien - Overview

The UAS Technikum Wien overview displays all courses you can access in a clear way.

At the top up to five tabs are shown (only tabs that actually contain courses will be displayed):

  • Courses - alle courses created for classes in programs found in CIS
  • TW Academy - courses at the TW Academy, eg. certification exams
  • FHTW intern - courses created for internal collaboration at the UAS Technikum Wien
  • Information - information pages on various topics
  • Test courses - test courses and templates
  • Course search - here you can see all your courses on one page, and can filter them via course name or name of lector(s)

In all these tabs (except for Course search) you will see buttons for sorting courses role, if you have multiple roles in your courses. At the far right you may find a button for courses with guest access.

The courses are sorted by subcategories that you can expand or collapse. At the top right you can expand or collapse all categories at once using the +/- symboles.

How to go back to the old overview

Should you prefer the old course overview that sorted all courses by date, you can go back to it following these steps:

  • Click on Customise this page at the top right of your Dashboard
  • Click on Add block in the menu bar to the left
  • Select the block Course overview and drag it to the desired spot in your Dashboard
Last modified: Monday, 2 December 2019, 11:30 AM