Navigating your Moodle courses


The Dashboard is your personal Moodle home page and can always be accessed with a klick on the text "Dashboard" in the main menue.

On the Dashboard you will find the UAS Technikum Wien overview which displays all courses you can access sorted by categories.

If you have access to a great number of courses without actually being enrolled (eg due to a management position), you can change the settings to only load courses with direct enrollment, which will improve performance. You can always load all courses you can access later via a link that will be displayed at the top.

At the top up to eight tabs are shown (only tabs that actually contain courses will be displayed):

  • Courses - All courses created for classes for a specific semester
  • TW Academy - Courses at the TW Academy
  • FHTW intern - Courses created for internal collaboration at the UAS Technikum Wien
  • Information - Information pages on various topics
  • Test courses - Test courses and templates
  • To be deleted - Courses which are about to be deleted in accordance with our Privacy policy

  • Course search - here you can see all your courses on one page, and can filter them via course name or name of lector(s)

In all these tabs (except for Course search) you will see buttons for sorting courses role, if you have multiple roles in your courses. At the far right you may find a button for courses with guest access.

The courses are sorted by subcategories that you can expand or collapse. At the top right you can expand or collapse all categories at once using the +/- symboles. 

Last modified: Tuesday, 27 February 2024, 9:56 AM