Deaktivierung der Moodle-Chat Funktion

Deaktivierung der Moodle-Chat Funktion

by Weber Stefan -
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Dear Moodle-Users,

since the Moodle Chat feature is not suited for extensive use, and we already received reports from other schools that using it extensively lead to performance issues for their Moodle servers, we were forced to deactivate this feature for now.

To facilitate communication via Moodle Forums, the delay for notification e-mails about new forum posts has been reduced from 30 to 1 minute. Since some users were confused about how notifications work: this delay only applies to the notification e-mails, the forum posts are always visible instantly for all participants in the course. 

If you still want to use a chat, you can use Nextcloud:Talk over our cloud. To create a chat there:

  1. Go to and log on
  2. Click on Talk in the top left corner
  3. Click on Neue Unterhaltung
  4. Choose personsgroups oder mail distribution lists which you want to communicate with

Please also note, that the Moodle-Hotline 233 is not active at the moment, since we cannot redirect this number remotely. Please direct any questions to, we can also call you back if you leave your number in the e-mail.

Thanks for your support and stay healthy.