According to our Privacy policy courses are deleted 8 semesters after the end of the semester of the respective course. You can see a list of all courses that have been marked for deletion at the bottom of your Dashboard.

For Teachers

If you are teacher in a course marked for deletion, you will also be notified by us via e-mail prior to the deletion. If you still need these courses, you can create a backup-file, which can be restored in a new course, a test course or on other Moodle systems.

To create a backup, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the gears icon in the top right of your course
  2. Select "Backup"
  3. Click on "Jump to final step"
  4. Click on "Download" next to the newly created backup file in the course backup area to save the file

You can also watch our video-tutorial for creating backups (in German).

For Students

If you are Participant in a course that has been marked for deletion, you can still download all data available to you in the course by clicking on Download course contents in the menu bar to the left.

Please direct any questions to Moodle-Support.

Last modified: Monday, 13 January 2020, 3:07 PM