Moodle Update zum Semesterstart

Moodle Update zum Semesterstart

by Weber Stefan -
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Dear Moodle-users,

at the start of SS2019 we made a small upgrade with minor changes to our Moodle:

  • Overview of courses marked for deletion
    At the bottom of your Dashboard you can now find an overview of all your courses that are marked for deletion. You can find more information about course deletion here.
  • New eDidaktik-Toolbox (in German)
    Our e-Didaktik-Toolbox (in German) is now online, and accessible via the front page and the links-menu. Here you can find a list of freely available tools for teachers.
  • Direct audio/video recording in editor 
    You can now record short videos (up to 5 min) or audio files directly in any Moodle text using the editor. Just click on the icons for audio- or video recording in the toolbar. The resulting files will be automatically embedded in the text.
  • Changes in grading system
    The menus in the grading system were changed to give you faster access to some points. Furthermore, the formating of exported grade sheets was changed to more closely resemble that of CIS.

    We wish all teachers, students and employees of the UAS Technikum Wien a successful start into the new semester!