Moodle Update Weihnachten 2019

Moodle Update Weihnachten 2019

by Weber Stefan -
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Dear Moodle users,

during the christmas holidays we updated our Moodle system, and added some new function. To start off, please remember that the new phone extension for Moodle support is 233, as the old one (345) will stop working in a few days.

These new features are available now:

New features on the dashboard

The UAS Technikum Wien course overview now has a new tab Search courses that shows all available courses and lets you filter them by course name or persons. This gives you quick access to any course. Additionally, persons with management positions that can access a large number of courses can now adapt the settings of their dashboard to only show courses with direct enrolment, to reduce loading times.

Since the UAS Technikum Wien course overview is now also supported in the Moodle Mobile App, the old course overview was removed from all dashboards. More information and how to switch back to the old view can be found here.

New activity: student folder

Using this activity you can enable your participants to easily share files in a Moodle course.

New editor feature: Generico elements

Using the new Generico elements you can present the information in your courses even better, by sorting it in tabs or accordions, or by using premade elements like buttons or info boxes. Examples and more information can be found here (only in German).

New design for Moodle Mobile App

For users using the Moodle Mobile App, our Moodle now also presents itself in blue. We want to stress again though, that many of the plugins used at the UAS Technikum Wien are not supported by the Moodle Mobile App, and will not be shown there. Please keep that in mind when using the app, and use a browser to access the site from all devices if possible.

Like usual, all plugins and Moodle core were updated with the newest patches. Should you encounter any problems, please contact Moodle-Support.

A happy new decade from everyone at TLC Moodle Support!