Hotkey list

Hotkeys can be accessed either by just pressing the respective key, or by pressing <alt> + <hotkey>, since some browser plugins may override keys without <alt>.


M                  Show / hide navigation menu
D                  Dashboard
[Enter]         Confirm

In course or activities

S                    Settings dropdown menu (gears icon)
[Arrow keys]  Navigate dropdown menu

In a course

C                   Back to course view
B                   Grades
T                   Participants
E                   Turn edit mode on/off
(1 – 9)            Go to course section...
N                   Add new activity (in current section - section must have been selected via the navigation menu or hotkey)

Activity chooser

A                   Assignment
K                   Checkmark
I                    Choice
V                   Feedback
R                   File
F                   Forum
G                   Group Choice
L                   Label
P                   Page
Q                   Quiz
U                   URL / Link
W                  Wiki

Hotkeys in the Text-Editor

When using the default Moodle text editor (atto), you can also use these Hotkeys in atto:

Ctrl + Z          Undo
Ctrl + Y
Ctrl + B
Ctrl + I           Italics
Ctrl + K          Add Link
Ctrl + U          Underline

How to deactivate Hotkeys

If you do not want to use Hotkeys (except Editor hotkeys), you can deactivate this Feature:

  1. Click on your name in the top right corner and on Profile
  2. Click on Edit profile
  3. In Hotkeys set Hotkeys to OFF

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